One Nation Under God T-Shirts

2018 ONUG logo - blue fieldTo promote the One Nation Under God Worship and Prayer Gathering and to call attention to the need to really be One Nation Under God, we have designed T-shirts similar to those used in 2016.  Many of the 2016 T-shirts are still being worn all over Hood County and, if you have one, there is no reason to buy a new one – unless you just want a new one.  The message on the front of the shirt is shown at the right.  The design on the back is exactly the same as in 2016.

The shirts can be purchased from Specialty Cap and T-Shirt Company.  Click here for an order form for the shirts.  Note, however, that the minimum quantity you can order is 12.  We would suggest that your church, Bible study group, choir or other group order them together.  The order form shows the sizes and colors available.